M082LON London Fashion Live Project – week 2

London Fashion Live Project (M082) — Blog ( week 2)


This term, we in total have 10 weeks to do our project– one-day pop-up networking career event that will be held on Friday 2nd December. This career and networking event aim to provide fashion students an opportunity to meet and talk with professionals and entrepreneurs from the fashion industry.

In the first week, our tutor introduce us the project for this term, and According to the different work tasks grouping. We all have 12 students, is divided into four groups, Project management group, Marketing group, Public Relation group, and Creative Art group, each team has three team members and different work role and task.

1019_1 1019_2 1019_3

In this project, I belong to Public Relation group. Our group main job is recruit sponsors, press engagement and invitation delivery, sponsors engagement and management, press release writing and communication, sponsor and organizer interviews support, exhibitors relations and guest contacts collection, gust relations exhibition security duties, ticket sales support and archive the event in a PPT and a video in the last week. And my main job and duties in our team is Time plan, press release writing and communication.

In the second week, we have a presentation with all the team together. In this presentation, all the team leader introduce their team’s different work test and every one team member’s work role. This presentation is very useful for us, because thought the presentation, we can get more information about another team’s work test, and every team put literature review about their team work. And we can understand another team’s the working principle and working direction, between different groups is introduced makes us have more understanding of each other, for better cooperation between different groups which the smooth progress of the whole project for us there is a lot of help. My part in this presentation, is introduce all the team’s time plane. And according to the different work arrangement work time.


Through this presentation, I get the information about us project event. Panel discussion: the real-time discussion in the meeting and conferences in the front among the specific group of audiences (Arnold,2016). And about Speed-dating, it is  allow the participants to come together to discuss, exchange and share their ideas within few minutes (Royal Geographical Society,2016).

This is my first contact with this knowledge, I think use this way to carry out our project is very useful to every one students. Because we can have real chance to communication with the professional person who are working in fashion industry. In the week 2 class, after our presentation, tutor require us to write the person’s name and their professional on the whiteboard, and then, according to actual circumstances, selected the most suitable for us to bring our best help professionals, help us next liaison work. This is combining theoretical study with practical work the best way, and can let us in the process of contact sponsor and guest to improve our communication skills. I’m looking forward to the next work, and actively cooperate with, will with our group members to complete the next phase of work.




kristinjarnold (2014) The definition of a panel discussion. Available at: http://powerfulpanels.com/definition-panel-discussion/ (Accessed: 18 October 2016).

Imperial (2016b) Archive for the ‘events’ category. Available at: http://wwwf.imperial.ac.uk/blog/fom/category/events/ (Accessed: 18 October 2016).



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